Biography of  Wayne Brabender (1945-VVVV)

American basketball player, born in Montevideo, Minnesota (United States) on October 16, 1945. It became one of the first foreigners in the Spanish League and was the most glorious star of Real Madrid. He/She took the first steps in the sport of basket in Milan, a small town in his native Minnesota. Then he/she went to play at Wilmare Junior College, from his school. In 1965 he/she made the leap to university sport at Minnesota Morris University, which was not too well in the NCAA League, which placed him in a bad position in the draw for the draft, to enter the NBA. He/She was elected by the Sixers in Philadelphia, but his decision to leave the American professional League and move to Europe was immediate. He/She arrived in Spain in 1968 to sign for Real Madrid; He/She did it in the hand of Pedro Ferrándiz, which already had been successful with Clifford Luyk and Wayne Hightower, who was the first foreigner in the Spanish League. With the white club he/she won three intercontinental cups, four European cups and thirteen League, seven vials of Spain titles and a World Cup of clubs.

Few months after his arrival in Spain obtained Spanish nationality, which opened the doors of the selection of their adopted country. He/She debuted with the national shirt on May 10, 1969, in match against Cuba, which Spain won 93-53. He/She played in total 190 meetings and international and said goodbye to the international basketball in the Colombia World Cup 1982. After this farewell from international competitions, he/she played one season at Real Madrid, and the last two seasons of his career in the Cajamadrid, where he/she arrived with 38 years. He/She played his last match on March 31, 1985 and moved to the position of general manager at the same club, in 1986. That year, the national basketball Federation proposed to be part of the technical team and accepted. He/She was Assistant of Miguel Díaz and coach junior.

In June 1990, he/she signed a contract for three years with Real Madrid, replacing George Karl. In the month of July 1991, it went to train at the Caja Canarias, Tenerife, but in January 1992 the Board terminated his contract by economic problems of the entity. In 1993 Brabender found no equipment to train although it closely followed all the baloncestista activity and above all, the career of his son David, who joined as a basketball player in the Guadalajara after his university studies. In February 1994 he/she accepted sports management of the Andalusian Federation of basketball (FAB), to promote the sport. He/She was also responsible for giving lectures and teaching workshops. That same year he/she joined to take care of the Forum of Valladolid, where he/she made his debut on July 14. In 1995 and 1996, at the head of the philatelic team suffered ups and downs, but remained at the forefront of training until October 1996 when it was stopped. In this team he/she had the opportunity to address his son David, who came from the Cáceres.