Biography of Walter Houser Brattain (1902-1987)

American physicist. He/She was born in Hia-Men, China. He/She studied in Washington, Obregón and Minnesota. He/She worked for a year at U.S.Bureau standards, later, went to the laboratories of the Bell telephone company. Columbia University hired him, during the second world war, to carry out research on secret weapons. He/She began to investigate the properties of semiconductors, employed first copper oxide, but subsequently, I would use silicon with germanium.

He worked with Bardeen and Shockley, and based on a mixture of theory and experimentation, built, in 1947, the transistor of point contact with a thin crystal of Germanium and a current rectified and amplified. In 1967, after leaving Bell Labs, he/she devoted himself to studying the lipid surfaces of the biological membranes at Whitman College. For his research on semiconductors and the invention of the germanium transistor, was awarded the prize Nobel in Physics in 1956, shared with Bardeen and Shockley.