Biography of Juan Bravo (comunero castellano, ¿-1521)

Member of the lower nobility, his father was warden of Atienza, where he was born; and his mother belonged to the family of the Mendoza. He was appointed the Royal House in 1499 contino. This position forced him to follow the Court in their displacement. In 1504 he married Catalina de el Río, in Segovia, where he stayed to live. He served also as confidant of Cardinal Cisneros. He was widowed and in 1510, married to María Coronel, daughter of a wealthy converso, Alderman of Segovia. In October 1519, he became stage manager of Segovia. Since this post led the defense of the city against Ronquillo.

Leader of the commune uprising of Castilla, struggle initiated by the urban oligarchies of Castile against the policy of the new King Carlos I. She contributed efforts to the uprising in his capacity as captain of Segovia, leading the insurrection of the city in 1520. In the bloody battle of Villalar (April 23, 1521), so disastrous for the weapons of the comuneros, had prodigies of value, first fighting in front of his own and containing then with his harangues and exhortations to the army which is desbandaba. Despite this, his effort was in vain: fell prisoner next to other leaders of the insurrection, Juan Padilla and Francisco Maldonado, being the three executed the next day in the public plaza of Villalar (April 24, 1521).

See Guerra of the communities.