Biography of Alberto Breccia (1919-1993)

Cartoonist and Uruguayan writer, born in Montevideo in 1993; from the three years he/she lived in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by what his career was developed primarily in this country, where it would later become Professor of Pan-American School of drawing and Art Institute. Very soon he/she worked as a humorous Illustrator and creator of covers for books; from the year 1938 he/she started in several publications such as Tit-Bits, the Sparrow and Rataplan, where his drawings would be included for Kid of the Grande River, the Avenger and Ladybug earthquake. His series include Vito nerve (1945), Sherlock Time (1957), Mort Cinder (1962), El Eternauta (1968) and Perramus (1984). In Spain the majority of their albums were published by the publishing house Lumen. Died in 1993, is considered one of the major narrators graphics that has given the American continent.