Biography of Clemens María Brentano (1778-1842)

German writer, born in Ehrenbreitstein in 1778 and died in Aschaffenburg in 1842. His full name was Maria Clemens Wenzeslaus and came from an Italian family established in Frankfurt. Maximiliane, her mother was the daughter of Sophie von La Roche. The company's import and export directed by the brothers of Brentano increased the portion inherited by the writer, so you could always live business incomes, leading a life devoid of tranquility despite this and assaulted by numerous crises. He often changed his place of residence, and either got long-awaited peace in her marriage with Sophie Mereau. One of their crisis made him return to the Catholic faith in 1817. Then clung to the deathbed of the stigmatized nun Anna Katharina Emmerick in Dülmen (Westphalia) and wrote their views until his death in 1824. Brentano thought to turn these visions into a monumental work (life of María), years of learning of Jesus Christ, the passion story, biography of the Emmerick, etc.. All this complex was only published in the writer's life Das bittere Leiden unseres Jerrn Jesu Christi... (The bitter suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ..., 1833). After his death appeared Leben der heiligen Jungfrau Maria... (Life of the Holy Virgen María, 1852) and Das Leben unseres Herrn und Heilandes (life of our Lord Savior, 3 volumes, 1858-50).

Brentano was one of the major instigators of the Romantic movement, which contributed in all phases of decisively. At Jena he joined being student of the circle that formed Schlegel and Tieck. Between 1805 and 1806 he was part, along with Georg Friedrich Creuzer , J. von Görres and Achim von Arnim in the romantic heart of Heidelberg; between 1809 and 1817 he worked in Berlin, Vienna and Prague. From 1833 it was part of the post-romantic Görres circle in Munich.

In 1801 he appeared the novel Godwi; she outlines the history of Loreley, invented by him almost in its entirety, for the first time and later Joseph von Eichendorff and Heinrich Heinepopularizarían. In Heidelberg with Arnim conceived the idea of the collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn songs (wonderful boy Horn, 1806-08). The narrations are the result of the central period of his literary production: Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl, Die mehreren Wehmuller und ungarischen Nationalgesichter (history of Gasparin bravo and the beautiful Anita, many sad Millers and the Hungarian national faces, 1817). The story Der arme Raimondi (Raimondi poor) on the French Revolution was incomplete, as well as other major projects: Die Romanzen vom Rosenkranz (the lovesongs of the Crown of flowers) and the Märchen (Tales), which, taking as a model the Pentamerone (1634-36) G. Basile, tried to reeelaborar the Rhenish popular tradition. These stories were one of the main points of departure for the work later the Brothers Grimm. Gockel, Hinkel story was only published in life of Brentano und Gackeleia (rooster, chicken and chicken, 1838), in a later version.

His poetry is certainly part of its production which should be more emphasized. The existential fear emanating from her poems can be understood as the desperate search of a high order, as an anticipation of the modern conscience. His attempt to document the miracle of Dülmen, and giving it new meaning to poetry, fits into this framework, but also demonstrates the failure of such efforts as a way to find a new sense of life.

Other works by Brentano are: Gustav Wasa, Gustav Wasa, 1800; Die lustigen Musikanten, cheerful musicians, 1803; Aus der Chronika eines fahrenden Schulers, Chronicle of a child traveler, 1802; Ponce de Leon, Ponce de Leon, 1803; Wunderbare Geschichte vom BOGS dem Uhrmacher, the wonderful story of BOGS the watchmaker, 1807; Aloys und Imelde, Aloys and Imelda, 1812; Der schiffbruchige Galeerensklave vom Meer, the shipwrecked slaves of galleys from the dead sea todten, 1811; Die Gründung Prags, the Foundation of Prague, 1814; Victoria und ihre Geschwister, Victoria and his brothers, 1817; Die Barmherzigen Schwestern, the pious sisters, 1831.