Biography of William Broad (1955-VVVV)

British musician better known as Billy Idol. He/She was born in the English town of Middlesex in 1955. Took part in the genesis of one of the pioneers of punk called Chelsea, from which they marched together Tony James to form the legendary Generation X in the year 1976. To complete the band included Bob Andrews and Mark Laff, after which they released their first success in that same year, Your Generation, which managed to enter the top forty British. It was the first punk band to appear on the mythical television program Top Of The Pops, in 1977, a year after which they released their debut album: Generation X, which became the top thirty national. Until the end of 1979 were still one album (The Valley Of The Dolls) and several singles. It is at this time when released his latest single, Dancing With Myself, not coming beyond the number sixty on the British charts, but that has given him fame on an international scale and has reissued in the year 1981, once already dissolved the Generation X.

Shortly afterwards, Billy moves to New York and began his solo career, which begins to reap successes on both sides of the Atlantic in the United States. Already in 1982 published his first solo album (Billy Idol, which contained the song Hot In The City), which was followed by another issue of success, White Wedding, which went on sale in 1983. At the end of that same year Edit album Rebel Yell, which arrives at number six on the US charts and consolidates its ultimate success in that country. This disc contains classics, as that gives title to the LP or Eyes Without A Face, in which the transition can be seen clearly from punk a stimulating character pop-rock. In 1985, is published in England a collection called Vital Idol, which achieved excellent sales endorsed by its recent successes on the other side of the Atlantic. A year later, his new album Whiplash Smile enters the top ten British, thus confirming its commercial revival in his country of origin, takes you to live your best moments in 1987 with Mony Mony reaching the top of the North American lists and the seventh position of the British. In 1988, another compilation reached the second position in sales in the United Kingdom; carrying title Idol Songs, and it was followed by a Charmed Life, which was a slight decline in its level of sales.

Lately it has been outside musical circles for nearly a couple of years, due to its umpteenth motorcycle accident; but he/she returned to the attack, leaning on a cane. After retrieving the Cyberpunk album, released in 1993, one of his last works; These have been edited with more space at the time, due in large part to the dismal physical state that have left their accidents (in the plural, since there are at least a couple of relative gravity News).

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