Biography of Philippe de Broca (1933-2004)

Director of French cinema, born in Paris on March 15, 1933 and died in Neuilly-sur-Seine on November 26, 2004.

He studied at the technical school of photography and cinema of the French capital. He/She did the military service in Algeria as the army and returning to France at the beginning of the fifties, came into contact with some young directors that worked as an Assistant and in small roles as an actor. Highlights in this period his collaborations with Claude Chabrol, as well as his small appearances in two of the key films of the 1959 French film: the 400 blows by François Truffaut, and at the end of the break, Jean-Luc Godard. After making three short documentaries in which also was responsible for the photography, he/she debuted as a Director in 1959 with Les jeux de L'Amour, produced by Chabrol, and in that of bit let see her taste for romantic comedy. His first films were featuring by Jean-Pierre Cassel.

With three feature films to his credit was one of the great successes of his career: Cartouche (1961), a comedy of time set in the Paris of the eighteenth century, in which Jean-Paul Belmondo gives life to a romantic good heart stealer. Definitely opted towards comedy, his next film, the man from Rio (1963), was another of his greatest hits. Funny parody of the films of espionage of fashionable at the time and, especially, the James Bond series, is again played by Jean-Paul Belmondo, this time as a soldier of permission in a remarkably photographed Brazil, who embarks on the search for a hidden treasure. Two years later, in 1965, of bit founded their own production company: Fildebroc.

His most ambitious film, and one of the best of his career is King of hearts (1966). It tells the story of a small town that, during the first world war, is completely abandoned by all its inhabitants, except for the inmates of an insane asylum. With a great sense of humor and moving away from the topics of other antimilitarist films, King of hearts is a hymn to the individual freedom of man against the institutions: the mentally ill are revealed to be more sane than the society that has them and that is trying to destroy itself. The film becomes object of worship, both critics and the public, and confirms to Philippe de Broca as one of the great French comedy directors of the sixties and one of the most successful directors of his generation.

One of his latest and most ambitious films is the African (1982), in which Catherine Deneuve finds herself upon meeting a mysterious character, played by Philippe Noiret, who lives in the desert. This is a new case of romantic movie whose characters are deep individualists who aspire to release personal, very typical of bit.


Short films: 1954: Salon nautique.1955: Sous d'un autre soleil; Operation fuel.

Feature films: 1959: Les jeux d'amour (and co-writer). 1960: Le farceur (and co-writer); L'Amant de cinq jours (and co-writer). 1961: the seven deadly sins; Cartouche (and co-writer). 1962: Les veinards (and screenwriter). 1963: man River (and co-writer). 1964: Un monsieur de compagnie.1965: the tribulations of a Chinese in China (and co-writer). 1966: King of hearts (co-writer and producer). 1967: the oldest profession of the mundo.1968: the Devil by the tail (and co-writer). 1969: Les caprices de Marie (and co-writer). 1970: trip to the Italian (and co-writer).1971: Sins of otono.1973: how to destroy the most famous secret agent in the world (and co-writer). 1975: the incorrigible (and co-writer). 1976: Julie pot de colle.1977: my dear Commissioner (and co-writer). 1978: Le cavaleur (and co-writer). 1979: On to flew the cuisse de Jupiter.1980: Psy.1982: African (and co-writer). 1984: Louisiana (and co-writer). 1986: the gitane (and co-writer). 1988: Chouans! (and co-writer) 1992: Les Clés du paradis (and co-writer). 1997: Le bossu. 2000: Amazone. 2004: Viper in au poing.

As Assistant Director: 1957: everyone can kill me; Cargaison blanche; Oh, men! 1958: The beautiful Sergio; Cousins; Ramuntcho.1959: The 400 blows; A double life.

As a producer: 1967: on joue pas avec les marttens; The salto.1974: Antoine et Sébastien.

Other collaborations: 1959: at the end of the getaway (collaborator). 1964: Les pieds-nickeles (actor and supervisor). 1970: Le Cinéma de papa (actor).