Biography of Max Brod (1884-1968)

German writer, born in Prague in 1884 and died in Tel Aviv in 1968. He/She received his doctorate in laws and played his first work as administrative officer; subsequently dedicated to criticism theatre and finally to journalism and literature. His very extensive work him characterized as a certainly attractive personality, which had a great echo and a large projection in the Prague circle, besides as a great organizer and promoter of young talent. It is therefore by its activity during this period of his life in the surroundings of Prague lyrics for what has been truly appreciated.

Its work with respect to the work of Kafka, that he, contrary to the testamentary wishes of the author, decided not to burn, but keep for posterity is invaluable for world literature. Brod rescued it even from the persecutions of the National Socialists, edited it and struggle tirelessly to be granted the place and the recognition it deserved.

His best-known work is the trilogy of historical novels Kampf und Wahrheit (truth and struggle: Tycho Brahes Weg zu Gott, the road to Dios of Tycho Brahe, 1915;) Reubeni, F├╝rst der Juden, Reubeni, Prince of the Jews, 1925; Galilei in Gefangenschaft, Galileo in prison, 1948). His works of filosofico-cultural character (Heidentum, Christentum, Judentum, paganism, Christianity, Judaism, 1921;) Diesseits und Jenseits, here and in the more beyond, 1947/48), are expression of a German-language Jewish writer's own reflection.