Biography of Mel Brooks (1926-VVVV)

Director, producer, screenwriter and composer of American film, real name Melvin Minsky, born in Brooklyn, New York on June 28, 1926. From very young shows great skills for the world of the spectacle. In 1944, he studied at the Institute of Virginia military. It is the American until 1946 Army Engineer, although it does not participate in the second world war. He married Florence Baum, with whom he has a son and two daughters before divorcing. Later he married the actress Anne Bancroft, who has another child.

Before working in television exerts different occupations, as a drummer in jazz or itinerant comedian. During the fifties it is screenwriter and occasional actor from the show of Sid Caesar, one of the most successful of the television of the time programs. In the early sixties creates and produces one of the classic series of the early days of television, Superagent 86, where begins to show his peculiar sense of humor along with Buck Henry.

In 1963 Gets the Oscar for the best short film by critic. His first feature film, the producers, is awarded the best screenplay and best supporting actor for Gene Wilder obtains a nomination. The mystery of the twelve chairs and hot saddles marked the beginning of his ascending career and are the first examples of his style of comedy, based on the comic reinterpretation of the great cliches of classic film making. The first parody the genre of mystery and the second West films. The massive success comes with which for many is his best work, Young Frankenstein (1974). Produced by himself and shot in black and white, it parodies the clichés of horror movies and is the launch of comedian Marty Feldman as the servant of bulging eyes of the direct descendant of Dr. Frankenstein who gives title to the film and who plays Gene Wilder, one of the actors fetish of Brooks. Two years later a wheel of his more ambitious films, the last madness. Tribute to silent movies and comedies of persecutions of the Keystone, its fundamental characteristic is to be a silent film, without any dialogue (the only words are pronounced by the French MIME Marcel Marceau).

Continuing with its line of parody film classics, 1977 is the turn to Alfred Hitchcock with maximum anxiety, which does not repeat previous successes. The crazy story of the world continues with this downward trend, especially in quality. Despite this, it is one of the films of Brooks who have had better acceptance outside the United States, which leads his next work, the crazy history of galaxies, to acclimate to the same patterns; It's a comic reinterpretation of the films of science fiction of the time. The attempt of artistic and commercial recovery posed by the most personal of life disgusting! (1991) don't get anything and forces him to return to old formulas with his following works, the crazy adventures of Robin Hood and Dracula, dead pleased and happy.

Actor in many of his films, has also participated in am or I'm not, remake directed by Allan Johnson be or not be of Lubitsch. As producer he has funded, among others, the male elephant, David Lynch, and fly, David Cronenberg (1986).

In March 2006 he presented the film producers, a "remake" of its own production of 1969 involving, among others, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and Uma Thurman.

Since the 25 April 2010 it has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame "for his film career".


(Mel Brooks composed the music for several of his films. Although it is not accredited).

As a director

1968: Producers (and argument and screenplay). 1970: the mystery of the twelve chairs (and screenwriter and actor). 1973: saddles hot (and coguion and actor). 1974: Young Frankenstein (and coargumento and coguion). 1976: the last Madness (and coguion and actor). 1977: maximum anxiety (and coargumento, coguion and producer). 1981: the crazy history of the world (and argument, screenwriter, actor, and producer).1987: The crazy history of galaxies (and writer, actor and producer). 1991: yuck of life! (and actor). 1993: the mad adventures of Robin Hood (and writer, actor and producer). 1995: Dracula, a very happy and happy dead (and screenwriter, actor and producer).

As screenwriter

1954: New Faces.1965: Get Smart (co-idea). 1973: Ten From Your Show Of Shows (co-writer). 1989: Get Amart, Again! (creator of characters; TV). 2006: producers.

As an actor

(In addition to intervene in various episodes of TV series):

1966: The Critic (storyteller). 1969: Putney Swope.1979: The Muppet Movie.1983: am or not soy.1990: Look Who's Talking Too (storyteller). 1994: Il silenzio dei prosciutti (uncredited); The Little Rascals.1997: I Am Your Child (TV). 1999: Svitati (screenplay); Mad about you. 2006: The producers.

As a producer

1975: When Things Were Rotten (TV series; co-idea). 1980: man elephant (prod. Executive). 1983: I am or not soy.1985: The doctor and the Devils.1986: Solarbabies (prod. Executive); 84 Charing Cross Road (prod. Executive). 1989: The Nutt House (TV series). 1991: Life Stinks (and argument). 2006: producers.