Biography of Jan Brueghel (1568-1625)

Flemish painter, called Brueghel de Velours, born in Brussels in 1568, and died in Antwerp January 12, 1625. He/She is the second son of Pieter Brueghel the elder. Artist of great sensitivity, painted flowers and landscapes with the delicacy of a miniaturist, often animated with genre scenes, allegories, biblical and mythological scenes. Following the example of the most important Flemish painters of his time, he/she travelled to Italy, where he/she enjoyed the protection of Cardinal Borromeo. Upon returning to Flanders, he/she settled in Antwerp and became friends with Rubens, with whom he/she often collaborated, as well as F. Francken II, H. Van Balen, H. de Clerck, and j. de Momper. It is difficult to distinguish his abundant work of their numerous imitators. His works are in major museums of the world: in the Meadow, in the pinacoteca Ambrosiana, in Munich and in the Louvre.

Allegory of sight (oil on canvas, 1617). Museo del Prado (Madrid).