Biography of Sergi Bruguera (1971-VVVV)

Spanish tennis player. He/She was born in Barcelona, on January 16, 1971. Only son of Lluís Bruguera, who was captain of the Spanish Davis Cup and the Spanish Federation technical team. He/She started practicing this sport at age five and, with only fourteen years, he/she was champion of the Trophy Sport Goofy in Marbella and finalist's trophy Manuel Alonso. Child Spain champion was called.

He trained at the club Can Via, near Barcelona, where his father headed the Academy of high competition Top Team Tennis. There he/she played along with some prominent figures as Aguilera, Jordi Arrese and Fernando Luna, thanks to what got a great improvement in his technique of game.

In 1988, was champion of tennis Spain's second category to win the final to Pato Clavet, in the tournament in the Tennis Club of Pamplona. This same year he/she beat David Franco, which earned the Masaveu Cup.

At the beginning of next year, he/she began his career as a professional, with number 333 on the list of the ATP (Association of tennis professionals). This year he/she won 23 individual matches and 2 doubles, lost 13 individual and 5 doubles, and reached the semi-finals of Rome, Gstaad and Stuttgart. He/She won the 26 in the rankings at the end of the season and received the award of ATP to the best rookie player of the year.

A year later reached the semi-finals of Adelaide open and may 29 of this same year, beat Stefan Edberg, favorite of the tournament, making his first major international victory in three sets at Roland Garros. Soon after he/she beat Jimmy Connors at the Foro Italico in Rome and managed to reach the semifinals of open said, where he/she was beaten by American Andre Agassi.

From this moment his career to followed an upward trajectory, achieving many victories: reached the second round at Wimbledon and the quarterfinals of the tournament, Forest Hills, where he/she was defeated in the semifinals by Peruvian Jaime Yzaga, who was then defeated by Iván Lendl.

On September 7, 1990 he/she was selected by Manuel Orantes, Captain of the Davis Cup team, to represent Spain in the tie against Austria in Barcelona, instead of Javier Sánchez Vicario. This provoked the confrontation between Pato Alvarez and Lluís Bruguera. Sergio was defeated in the two individual games played, but a few days later beat Andrei Chesnokov in the tie against the Soviet Union and, thanks to him, the Spanish team said his tenure at the Davis Cup.

Two months later reached the semi-finals at the Paris indoor Open. During this same year, forming partnership with Jim Courier, conquered the title of Hamburg and, together with the Argentine Horacio de la Peña, won the tournament in Florence. Before the end of the year, was proclaimed champion of Spain by defeating Emilio Sánchez Vicario in the final, in Barcelona.

In 1991, he/she won the tournament in Estoril and Monte Carlo. He/She defeated Boris Becker in the Conde de Godó, reaching the second round at the United States Open. Mid-year was already fifth in the world rankings, the best position of his career.

In 1992, at the Olympic Games of Barcelona, Bruguera was away from tournament by Dutchman Mark Koevermans, who took advantage of the injury of ligament he/she suffered the Spanish tennis player. After this defeat, Lagos lost security and lowered performance. Despite their low morale, 92 managed three titles: Madrid, Gstaad and Palermo.

In 1993, became champion of Roland Garros, winning the final to Jim Courier, with the result of 6-4, 2-6, 6-2, 3-6 and 6-3. So got his first Grand Slam tournament and his first victory over Courier, who had beaten him in four matches which had played previously. It also became the third Spanish win at Roland Garros.

Until the international of France, Bruguera had obtained during the year 39 wins and 6 losses and had prepared the season on Earth with hardness: was finalist in Milan, quarterfinalist in Estoril and runner-up in Barcelona, champion in Monte Carlo, finalist in Madrid, quarterfinalist in Rome and semi-finalist in the Nations Cup.

Other victories obtained in this year were: those of tournaments in Prague, on 8 August, defeating in the final Russian Chesnokov; Monte Carlo; Gstaad, July 11 to win the final to Czech Karel Novacek, in Paris; Marbella, opposite the German Carl Uwe Steeb, Aug. 11; Bordeaux, on 19 September, which was his first title in fast track, beating in the finals the Italian Diego Nargiso. He/She was selected by Juan Bautista Avendano, to form the team of Spain's Davis Cup, which attained the permanence of Spain in the world group, against Korea, in Seoul.

To lose against Thomas Muster in the final of the Palermo tournament, saw truncated his dream of reaching the third place in the final of the ATP world rankings. It got moved from third place to the Swedish Stefan Edberg and stayed fifth, in the ATP list, after the tournament in Toulouse, which was defeated by the Moroccan El Aynaoui; and he/she ended 4th World year of 1993 with almost a million and a half dollars. Before the end of the year, he/she lost in the masculine Master of Frankfurt Edber, Ivanisevic and Sampras. The best sportsman of the year was declared by the newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

During the following year became eight end of other many tournaments he/she lost, as they were those of Dubai, opposite Magnus Gustaffson; Milan, before Peter Korda, Indian Wells, in early rounds; Monte Carlo, face Ukrainian Andrei Medvedev; the Villa de Madrid, against Thomas Muster; did not participate in Italy due to injury; He/She decided not to play in the Estoril, to participate in the Goth, where he/she was beaten by Dutchman Krajicek.

On 5 June this year, he/she returned to becoming Champion at Roland Garros for the second consecutive year. Also he/she defeated Alberto Berasategui 6-1, 7-5, 2-6, 6-1, in a Spanish final. In the latter, he/she completed his 14th straight win at Roland Garros and raised his record in this tournament to 19 wins against 4 losses. In all its history, elevated in June 1994 to 26 his triumphs at the Grand Slam tournaments and made 14 defeats in finals. With his second victory at Roland Garros, Bruguera became the ninth player who repeats victory in the history of the tournament. The former was Jim Courier, which precisely, Sergi, left in the 1994 semifinals.

In international of France, held in the first half of 1994, it was part of the Spain team in the Nations Cup, in Düsseldrof, where he/she became the final which they lost to Germany. On 10 June of this year, it got the 12th triumph at the Gstaad open, held in Switzerland; It was the third consecutive win in the same place; it beat in the final to Frenchman Guy Forget 3-6, 7-5, 6-2, 6-1. In 1996, at the Atlanta Olympics, Bruguera earned the silver medal to be defeated by American Andre Agassi.

Bruguera started to live a period of decline that was reflecting on successive results in important tournaments such as Roland Garros, which lent always special preference for his two titles in 1993 and 1994. Thus, it was a Semifinalist in 1995, was dismounted in the second round in 1996, became a finalist in 1997 against Kuerten and lost in the first round in 1998. After this result he/she decided to retire the tennis temporarily. His final goodbye came in 2002.

On 27 March 1999 he/she received a tribute in the Andrés Gimeno tennis field, which has given its name one of their tracks on the premises of the Barcelona town of Castelldefels.