Biography of William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

American writer, born in Cummington (mass.) in 1794, and died in New York in 1878. He/She studied a year at Williams College, he/she later graduated in law and practised lawyer.

His literary beginnings were premature. Already at the age of 14 had written The Embargo, a terrible political satire against President Jefferson and some of its administrative measures. At 16, he/she wrote a book of poems entitled Thanatopsis. In 1821 he/she published his first book of poems under the title of Poems and later appeared another series of poems in the United States Literary Gazette. In 1825, he/she retired definitely from the profession of lawyer, to devote himself entirely to literary activity. He/She was co-director first and later, Publisher of several magazines: The New York Review, and the New York Evening Post, publication of which in 1829 became director, since it occupied for almost 50 years.

His literary production includes: The Fountain (the fountain, 1842), The White-Footed Deer (deer of white toes, 1844), A Forest Hymn (anthem jungle, 1860); Thirty Poems (thirty poems, 1864), Hymns (hymns, 1869), The Little People of the Snow (the little people of the snow, 1873), Among the Trees (between trees, 1874), The Flood of the Years (the flood of age, 1878). He/She also made the first complete translations of the Iliad in 1870 and 1872, published in America Odyssey.

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