Biography of Alfonso Buenhombre (¿?-ca. 1353)

Limited biographical data of this Dominican friar, are even known it is unknown his birth place - perhaps Cuenca, Toledo or Viveron, in Lugo. He died in 1353 or maybe something before that year in Morocco. He learned the Arabic language, of which testifies to a translation that made an apocryphal story of José performed to 1336, since in this year he was imprisoned in Cairo by order of the sultan of Egypt. Around the years 1337 - 1338 was again put in prison, now in Morocco, where he met the Epistola Samuelis (which resulted in 1339) and the Disputatio Abutalib Sarraceni et Samuelis iudaei quae praecellit fides: Christianorum, an Judæorum, an Xarracenorum (translated in 1339-1340), which romanceó during your stay in Paris. Both texts, especially the first, are extremely important for its extraordinary dissemination throughout the middle ages throughout Europe (in Spain there are many Latin and vernacular manuscripts), though researchers have not given the attention that it deserves. He later traveled to Cyprus and moved to Avignon, where Pope Clement VI appointed him Bishop of Morocco in 1343. Author is also of the translation of the legend of san Antonio and an invective In bad doctors (1342).