Biography of Gustavo Bueno (1924-VVVV)

Spanish philosopher, born in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja) in 1924. He studied in Zaragoza and Madrid and occupied the Chair of philosophy and history of the philosophical systems in the University of Oviedo. There have been several fields of interest. The role of philosophy in the whole of knowledge (1970) defends dual role of philosophy in the University: "geometrize the ideas" and become a fundamental critical instrument in the future socialist society. Faced with the illusions of philosophy in his Ethnology and utopia (1971), to address the issue of the rationality of the economy in essay on political economy (1972) categories. Ardent defender of Marxist ideology, made a refundamentacion of dialectical materialism and the elaboration of its materialistic ontology, opposed to idealism, to spiritualism and the "vulgar materialism". The issue of religion is facing it in the divine animal (1985), the work which traces the outlines of a philosophy of religion, and which develops the thesis according to which "the men made to the gods in the image and likeness of the animals". In 2003, he presented the myth of the left. The left and right.