Biography of Aenne Burda (1909-2005)

German businesswoman, born in Offenburg (Baden-Württemberg) on 28 July 1909 and died in the same city on November 3, 2005, noted as the founder of the publishing Empire that bears his name.

Anna Magdalena Lemminger was the daughter of a railroad conductor, and his childhood was marked by poverty. After completing his basic studies, he worked as a commercial apprentice in a local power plant and in 1930 he met Franz Burda, a printer and Publisher that he married a year later. Marriage acquired in 1949 a fashion editorial beset by debts and Aenne, as it began to meet since then, transformed it into a business success thanks to patterns that included in its publications from 1952.

The first edition of Burda Moden [Burda fashion] appeared in 1950 with a circulation of 100,000 copies. "My intention was to offer a fashionable and practical reach of wide circles of the population," he said on one occasion Aenne Burda, who headed the company for 45 years. In 1987, Burda Moden became the first Western magazine that was commercialized in the Soviet Union and then came also to China.

In his native country, where she received numerous awards for his work, Aenne Burda performed important works of charity; among others, he managed to open about 50 foster homes. He left the family business in 1994 in the hands of his three sons: Franz (1932), Frieder (1936) and Hubert (1940).

For many of his contemporaries, Aenne Burda became a symbol and its history joined other great women of the 20th century in the world of fashion and beauty, as Coco ChanelFrench.

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