Biography of Vicente de Bustamante y Rivero (1750-1809)

Military Spanish born in Zaragoza 21 January 1750 and died in La Fresneda in January 1809.

He was the son of Ángel de Bustamante, natural Caranceja (Santander) and Ángela Rivero Cevallos, natural of San Felipe (Cavarrubias, Santander).He entered the guards Corp as a cadet of June 23, 1769. He participated in the expedition of Algiers as well as the landings that took place on July 8, 1775, as a second lieutenant of the regiment of Cazadores de Savoie.

Between the years 1776 and 1777 he took part in an expedition whose destination was Buenos Aires. He served for twenty-two months in the blockade of Gibraltar and the conquest of Menorca (in 1782), but soon after, he returned to Gibraltar during the siege to this city, where he stayed for seven months.He received promotion to captain on May 27, 1784. Fulfilled destiny for two years at the Military Academy of the Puerto de Santa María from where he joined, on 3 June 1787, the regiment of Laredo as a Lieutenant Colonel.

In 1788 it was licensed to marry María Benita road and Gonzalo de el Río, daughter of Nicolás de el Vial and Jareveitia and Joaquina Josefa Gonzalo de Río.El on June 13, 1791 was appointed, by the order of Calatrava, military of Alcañiz, and on 25 June 1799 Governor, in the absence of the Marqués de Lazán, received the post of acting Governor of Zaragoza. When the incumbent Governor joined, Palafox promoted him to brigadier, and restored it as Governor of Alcañiz. The Teruel city was assaulted by general Wathier, while Bustamante was able to flee and take refuge in La Fresneda. However, he was killed by the enraged inhabitants of this town.

After his death, his widow claimed the complete honesty of the victim; the name was accepted by Royal order on 6 March 1819.


Archivo General military of Segovia. THE room VALDES, Mario and GARCIA room: historic obelisk in honor of the heroic defenders of Saragossa (1808-1809). Zaragoza, 1908.

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