Biography of Emilio Butragueño (1963-VVVV)


Spanish footballer, born July 22, 1963 in Madrid. He/She made his debut in the summer of 1981, aged 18, in the third Division, where just three weeks were enough to make it happen to another second Division, the Castilla team. He/She remained as a player in Real Madrid active until June 1995.

His sporting life began with basketball, where he/she played in the base position in his college, called Calasancio team. It remained in basketball for 3 years, but José Antonio Sacristán, sports supervisor at the school, encouraged him and rescued him to play football, finally, entered the College team as a midfielder. It immediately became the best player of the team and went on to be the striker of the same by his vision of the game, his Dodge and his Temperance with the ball.

On July 13, 1980 was proclaimed champion of the tournament AS their youth team of the College, his performance in this tournament made Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid were set on it. Soon both Atletico and Real Madrid made it income tests, but the love of his father and himself by Real Madrid, which are partners, determined that August 15 Emilio sign for Real Madrid as an amateur and play their first match in San Lorenzo de el Escorial.

In the 1983-84 season, Emilio was proclaimed champion of League second Division, that same season, and after a call from Alfredo Di Stéfano, Emilio was summoned with the first team and made his debut on February 5, 1984, against Cádiz, going out to the field in the second part of the match, which Real Madrid won 3-2 with 2 goals from Emilio.

In October 1984 it played his first encounter with the national team against Wales, where somewhat marked. In 1986 he/she was awarded the bronze ball and scored four as many against Denmark in the World Cup of Mexico. The following year he/she received the chickpea of gold.

In the seasons from 1990 to 1992, Emilio was a very effective player in the Real Madrid and the selection. In the season 1990-1991 got the Pichichi trophy. In the 1992 - 1993 played 34 matches, despite being affected by various injuries, and scored only 9 goals. In 1993, and as an abstract until then, BUTRAGUEÑO had played 310 League matches and had scored 115 goals.

On July 15, 1995 it received a farewell tribute at the Bernabeu that concludes its cycle at Real Madrid, after eleven years with 6 league titles, two UEFA Cups, two cups of the King, three Supercups and a cup of the League, among his major trophies. It was international 69 times and scored 26 goals. International under 21 in five games and Olympic one. Silver in Mexico 86 boot and added two balls of bronze. Completed his time at Real Madrid, in January 1995, it accepted the offer of the At. Celaya, Mexican club that signed for three seasons.

Emilio Butragueño was married on May 13, 1991 with Sonia González, in the Madrid town of Torrelodones, and from this marriage were born two children, a boy and a girl.

Section of the football pitches, his studies (MSC in economics and business with a master's degree in sports management) allowed him to work as Adviser to the Secretary of State for sport until in December 2000, Jorge Valdano, Real Madrid sports director, offered to become his Deputy. "The vulture", as it was affectionately called the white entity, returned home, where continued with its Executive work under the mandate of several Presidents, including Florentino Pérez and Fernando Martín. In the second stage of Florentino Pérez Emilio, returned to the club as Assistant Director General infrastructure.


The title that he/she resisted him Emilio Butragueño and the generation of athletes known as "the fifth of the vulture" was the European Cup, the current League Champion.

6 leagues (1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1995)

2 cups of UEFA (1985 and 1986)

2 copas del Rey (1989-1993)

Spain 3 supercups

1 cup of the League (1985)

1 cup Iberia

1 League second Division (Castilla CF) (1984)

2 Bravo trophies (1985 and 1986)

2 balls of bronze European (1986 and 1987)

1 trophy "Pichichi" (1991)