Biography of Bernardino Caballero (1839-1912)

Military and Paraguayan politician, born in Ibycui. He/She joined the Army shortly before initiated the war of the Triple Alliance. He/She was a hero in battle of Tuyutí, Boqueron, Curupayty, Lomas Valentinas and blond, so was promoted to general. After the battle of Azcurra, fell prisoner with the rest of senior officers and he/she was sent to Rio de Janeiro. He/She returned to the country where he/she spearheaded the revolution of 1874. In 1880 he/she acceded to the Presidency of the Republic. Under his Government created the school of law, the National Bank and privatized part of the extensive land of the country. In 1887 he/she founded the National Republican Association, party of which he/she was Chief until his death.