Biography of Papa Calixto II (¿-1124)

Pope, named Guido of Burgundy, son of Guillermo, count of Burgundy. At first he/she wore the Benedictine cowl, was Archbishop of Vienna and appointed papal legacy in France. He/She participated in the first General Council of the Lateran, and on his return to France he/she pronounced sentence of excommunication against Enrique IV, which had been ripped from the Pope an agreement contrary to the interests of the Church. He/She was raised to the cardinalship, and the death of Gelasius II, Pope, to the Pontifical throne. The most outstanding facts of this reign were Concord with Enrique V, which had also excommunicated, the restoration of peace in the bosom of the Church, and the repression of the excesses caused by the tiranuelos which ravaged Italy. It also adorned and beautified the city of Rome and its temples. He/She died in 1124, leaving great feeling in the Catholic World by the very important issues resolved during his pontificate.