Biography of Juan Calvo (ca. 1535-1599)

Doctor and Spanish intellectual, born in Tarazona (Zaragoza) to 1535 and died in Valencia in 1599. He/She was Professor of the Academy of surgery in Valencia and in Montpellier. He/She translated and commented to Guido de Cauliaco, the great medical authority of the middle ages.

The existing information about the biography of Juan Calvo is very scarce. He/She studied at the University of Valencia and was a disciple of Luis Collado. After a stay in Montpellier, he/she returned to Valencia, where he/she lived until his death. In 1580, appeared the first edition of its universal and particular surgery of the human body, which reached ten reprints in English and two in French. Drafted it with destination to teaching when he/she had been twelve years teaching courses to surgeons in the city of Valencia, although he/she never was holder of the Chair of surgery at the University, as it is mistakenly stated. With the same school purpose, published in 1596 an annotated Spanish translation of Guy de Chauliac, which includes surgical Treaty as which had formerly edited Juan Lorenzo Carnicer, "glosses" of Juan Falcón, Professor in Montpellier from Spanish origin.

Large Spanish surgical texts of the 16th century, Juan Calvo surgery is that best corresponds to the structure and style of a didactic treatise. This implies certain limitations, mainly his bookish tone, that is accentuated by the inclination of its author for the scholastic approaches. Belonging to the genus school also confers some advantages, the most important of which is the systematic and orderly character of the exhibition. For example, descriptions of the operative guidelines are more precise and more "modern" than the rest of the Spanish works of the time. In the controversy surrounding the "dry" or "wet" healing of the wounds, Calvo maintained an intermediate between the opposing positions of Bartolomé Hidalgo de Aguero and Juan Fragos.

It was interventionist convinced in cranial surgery, but eclectic has been declared in relation to the use of the bit or the legras. He/She proposed some operative techniques of interest, including those relating to the surgical treatment of varicose veins and fistulas, and removal of malignant tumors. Calvo surgery includes a "Treaty of Anatomy" of certain amplitude - more than eighty pages--although cold and bookish. He/She cites several times to his master Luis Collado, but still a hesitant and orientation with little news of posvesaliana morphology. It also contains a "Treaty of morbid Gallic", which is the most careful study of clinic and treatment of syphilis of anyone published Spanish surgeons in this century.



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