Biography of Quique Camoiras (1928-2012)

Spanish comic actor, born in Madrid in 1928 and died in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) on March 1, 2012. Throughout his career he/she worked in a variety of genres, from comedy to television comedies.

He made his debut at age ten with a paper where he/she played a tap in the Shanghai work dance. It gained significant popularity as an actor of magazine and intervened in commercially successful films, among which was the Court of the Pharaoh (1985), starring Ana Belén. He/She filmed more than fifty films, among them: kidnapping to the Spanish (1972), your're loco Briones (1980), national adultery (1982), Cristóbal Colón, ex officio... discoverer (1982), Juana la Loca... from time to time (1983) and Mala yerba (1991).

He has interpreted numerous works of Theatre: Los Marqueses de matute, the red man, Eva nude, Don Armando Gresca, Ponte moustache, Manolo, only let me, Blas, what give them, the flood coming, etc. In 2007 said goodbye to the stage with the work and this son... of who is?, after having "acted in all the theatres of Spain", as he/she himself said when he/she retired. And worked on more than 170 television shows.