Biography of Hérib Campos Cervera (1905-1953)

Poet and journalist Paraguayan, born in 1905 and died in 1953. He/She left his country in 1947, following a coup that imposed a severe repression, moving to Buenos Aires, city in which he/she died. There he/she published his poetic work, which began by the important title of ash redeemed (1950), poetic book, which, together with the posthumous publication of her work secret man (1966), became it the most important lyric writer of the Paraguayan generation of 1940.

Campos Cervera, despite being a poet of great merit, he/she was very late with respect to the poetic movements that in Europe and throughout Latin America, however was the writer who promoted the creation of a generation of poets, which now seek and Paraguayan artists, sink their roots as Paraguayan poetry could overcome the ankylosis in the modernist tradition through his poetic productionto approach, although late, to the experiences of the European avant-garde. Work and Campos Cervera verses reflect the feeling of great nostalgia for the author by his land and experiences in exile, also its last production reflects the existential problems and the absurd target human representative of the post-World War II poetry.