Biography of Luis Cané (1897-1957)

Argentine poet, born in Mercedes in 1897 and died in Buenos Aires in 1957. Dump from his early youth to the cultivation of literary creation, an interesting poetic legacy characterized by the fineness of its sensitivity and the strong presence of death, left that it reappears in his verses as a leitmotif-laden anguish and dark forebodings. In what refers to the formal aspects, his poetic work recovered with remarkable success some of estroficos molds most representative of the Spanish, like the romance and copla literary tradition.

Among the most outstanding titles of the lyric production of Luis Cané, it should be recalled here the Romancero of the Rio de la Plata (1936), new romances and songs of the colony (1938), dances and copleria (1941) and book standby (1943). Although these works are, in general, a valuable compendium of poetic finds, the volunteer detachment of Luis Cané of the avant-garde currents that flourished at the time provoked that the literary creation of the author of Mercedes not enjoyed the unanimous esteem of his contemporaries.