Biography of Francisco Canivell y Vila (1721-1796)

Medical and Spanish military born in Barcelona in 1721 and died in this city in 1796. He studied medicine at the University of Cervera and later entered in the body of the Navy surgeons. He perfected his knowledge in France, as well as various military campaigns, developed mainly in Italy and North Africa. It maintained close relations with Pedro Virgili , who put him in contact with the new guidelines that are applied in the real schools of surgery of Cadiz and Barcelona. Fruit of this relationship was the publication of two interesting treatises: one on bandages (1763) and the other on injuries by firearm (1789). Both reflect a good knowledge of European surgical literature associated with rich personal experience. (See history of medicine.)



CANIVELL AND VILA, F.; VIRGILI, p.: Treaty of bandages for the use of the Royal Colleges of surgery, illustrated with ten sheets. (Barcelona, T. Piferrer, 1763).CANIVELL AND VILA, F.; VIRGILI, p.: Treated the wounds of ready firearm for the students of the Royal College of surgery in Cádiz, (Cádiz, M. Ximénez Larrero, 1789).


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