Biography of Melchor Cano (1509-1560)

Spanish, Dominican, theologian born in Pastrana (Guadalajara). He/She succeeded his master Francisco de Vitoria in the University of Salamanca. He/She took part in the Council of Trent, which operated with special hardness against the irrationalism of the "Illuminati". He/She translated, expanded and Orthodox became the Treaty of victory itself, of Giovanni Baptista of cream, which had been condemned by the Inquisition. His fundamental work is De locis theologicis (1563), which wrote 12 of the 14 expected volumes. In it, faithful to the medieval idea of treat philosophy as an auxiliary of the theology, but from the perspective of humanism, starts an attempt of harmonization between Aristotle and Plato, to incorporate this into the scholastic. This work is considered the starting point of a new Scholasticism. Following in the footsteps of his teacher, examine all sources of theology, by submitting to the judgment of reason the arguments from authority.