Biography of Al Capone (1899-1947)

Italo-norteamericano Mafioso. He was born in Naples in the bosom of a poor Italian family, but his father, Barber profession, decided to look for opportunities to thrive in the United States and when he was still a boy moved to New York.

His "career" began as a bodyguard for a Union. But in 1919, Johnny Torrio, a gangster whose main source of income were prostitution and illegal play, will hire him in Chicago as a bodyguard.In 1920, with the establishment of the prohibition, Torrio is associated with Capone to make smuggling of alcoholic beverages, what immediately came to provide them with more than two million dollars of profits a year. These benefits meant, in addition, that he was growing his power and control over the underworld and the organized underworld. But they weren't the only ones who were engaged in smuggling alcohol in Chicago, but it also made them competition Dion Oóbanion, Genna and Bugs Moran brothers.

In 1924 was shot dead at Oobanion in a flower shop, thus starting the war between gangs, in which killed 135 gangsters. Torrio retired and left the field open to Capone, which brought together all the bands in 1926. But two of them, Aiello and Bugs, refused to cooperate with others. They tried repeatedly to assassinate Capone unsuccessfully. All members of the band of Aiello died one by one. Five of the band's Moran died in his garage the Valentine's day of 1929 at the hands of the of Capone, disguised as policemen.

On those dates, Capone was sentenced to one year in prison, accused of carrying guns. In 1931, the FBI, managed to imprison him for tax evasion until 1939, and from there continued managing their businesses. On January 25, 1947 he died of a stroke at the age of 48 in the city of Miami.