Biography of Flor María Corina Cárdenas (1872-1951)

Military and Venezuelan nurse born in San Antonio in 1872 and died in Caracas in 1951.

He began his career as a military in 1887, with his brothers. Under the command of 25 men, managed to RAID Rubio prison and release prisoners who were in opposition to the Government of President Antonio Guzmán Blanco.

In 1888, under the command of general Buenaventura Macabeo Maldonado, fought against the forces of President Juan Pablo Rojas Paul. With the defeat, he was exiled in Cúcuta until 1890.

He then returned to Venezuela, where he continued participating in subversive struggles. Next to the general Bravo Díaz attempted to take Maracaibo, but was arrested and sent to prison until 1892. Once released, fight in the legalist revolution. He received from the hands of Joaquín Crespo the title of Colonel in the armies of the Republic, and became the only Venezuelan woman who has obtained this military grade by merits of war. He decided to abandon the army then study nursing. He graduated in 1897 and worked as a midwife at the maternity hospital Vargas. He commanded the military battalion that paid posthumous honours to the death of the general Joaquín Crespo in 1898.