Biography of Giacomo Carissimi (1604-1674)

Italian composer. In 1624 he debuted as Cantor in Tivoli. Four years later he was master of Chapel of the Cathedral of Assisi, and in 1630, the Church of Saint Apollinaris in Rome. Since the mid-17th century his work aroused great admiration in all European countries; in 1715 Bourdelot said of him that he was "the greatest musician that Italy had produced". The works of Carissimi is fundamental in the genre of the oratory, which was one of the first great representatives. Devoted to the spiritual exercises of the Oratory of Crocifisso in Rome, his oratorios are intended to contribute to the improvement of customs and the development of piety. They belong to the history of the Counter-Reformation. His style influenced the vocal music of the 18th century, not only in his disciple Cherpantier but also in authors such as Scarlatti and Cesti.