Biography of Yvonne de Carlo (1922-2007)

Film actress Canadian, whose real name was Margaret Yvonne Middleton, born in Vancouver (Canada) on September 1, 1922 and died in los Angeles in 2007.


She and her mother were abandoned by the father when Yvonne was just three years old, so the mother had to work very hard as a waitress to take her daughter and to make this come to classes of singing and interpretation. When Yvonne was fifteen years old he/she moved for the first time together with his mother to the United States, particularly in California, but returned to Canada shortly thereafter. In 1940 they moved permanently to Hollywood; There, Yvonne began to work as a dancer in the theatre and musical performances while his mother, who was the times's agent, looking for small roles in the film. In 1942, after some minor roles in short films, uncredited Yvonne de Carlo made his debut on the big screen with Harvard, here I come (1942), film in which fleetingly appeared. Its first role protagonist came with Salome, the bewitching (1945), Charles Lamont, production of the Universal that enjoyed great success and who introduced him to Hollywood as a dancer and singer. The Lady of the border (1945) placed her as a star of westerns of series B. In his following films, he/she played exotic women, as in the desert (1947) slave or Scheherazade (1947), thanks to its extraordinary beauty brunette.

As the years passed and his fame grew, the roles offered in the film were increasingly important. The embrace of death (1949), Robert Siodmak, provided one of the best performances of his career; It gave life to Anna, the tough and cold wife of a bank robber, vertex of a triangle of betrayals by Burt Lancaster and Dan Duryea. In the 1950s included performances in numerous westerns and films of adventure, most of them rolled for Universal, but he/she could never escape being pigeonholed in exotic roles. The most important of these papers was perhaps the Zipporah, wife of Moses in the ten commandments (1956), Cecil B. Mille, the most successful film of all has been interpreted. Anyway, while his career in the film gained more and more importance, it continued to work in theatre as a dancer and singer.

At the beginning of the 1960s he/she began working in television. It was precisely in this environment where played from 1964 giving international fame: the Lily Monster matriarch in the series the Monster family. The series has been as one of the icons of the history of television and Yvonne De Carlo got her recognition that he/she had denied with their performances in the film, medium which turned more and more with the lack of roles that were at the height of his success in television, where he/she had become a real star. During the 1970s and 1980s years his appearances on the big screen were scarce and less interest.

Yvonne de Carlo died of natural causes at the age of 84 in a residence for retirees of Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, in 2007.


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