Biography of San Carlos Borromeo (1538-1584)

Adopted son of Pope Pius IV. He/She was born at the castle of Arona (Lombardy) in the year 1538. Just 14 years he/she started to study at the University of Pavia. After graduating in both rights, Civil and canonical, was ordained at age 25. In 1565 was added to the College of Cardinals by his uncle Pope Pius IV and appointed Bishop of Milan. To resume the session of the Council of Trent, Cardinal Borromeo was the animator of all its meetings: he/she took part in the more thorny issues, provided everything necessary for the maintenance of the Council, and made the revision of the Bible, Missal, and the Catechism of Trent.

The Archbishop of Milan, Carlos, began to put into practice what Trent had determined. He/She organized six provincial councils, eleven diocesan synods, founded seminars and began the reform of the people, the clergy and monks. It was a true shepherd of his flock: he/she visited several times throughout his diocese, enacted many provisions aimed at the salvation of souls and fostered greatly the Christian morality. In the contagious epidemic of 1576, when civilian authorities leave the city full of terror, Carlos attended the sick and gave to them all your furniture, to bed, sleeping since over a few tables.He died in 1584 at 46 years of age. He/She was canonized in the year 1610, and his feast is celebrated on 4 November.