Biography of King of Suecia y Noruega Carlos XIV (1764-1844)

King of Sweden and Norway called Carlos Juan or Juan Bautista July Bernadotte. Head of a dynasty, was born 26 January 1764 and died in 1844. It came to serve as a soldier in the army of his homeland and ascended rapidly, so that in 1794 and sent a division; in 1797, he joined the army of Italy and was Ambassador of his country in Vienna. Promoted by Veruete to the Ministry of war, gave evidence of energy and intelligence in delicate position. Napoleonmade him Marshal in 1804, replacing the Marshal Mortier in command of the army of Hanover. The value showed in Austerlitz earned him the title of Prince of Ponte Corvo. It was covered with glory in Prussia and Poland, and in 1810 the four States of Sweden appointed him to replace the Prince of Schleswig-Augustemburgo, who had just died. Previous abjuration of his Catholicism, was adopted by King Carlos XIII, but soon the old general Republican returned weapons against Napoleon, who had wanted to submit to Sweden for the adoption of the continental blockade: he took part in the European Coalition and entered Paris with the invading armies. He succeeded Carlos XIII under the name of Carlos XIV. Napoleon was considered as one of the main causes of their misfortune, believing that it had given the allies the key policy and strategy. His reign was very prosperous for Sweden: during it were many works of public utility, including a track practiced in the Scandinavian Alps to join Sweden and Norway, in addition to the channel of the Gothia, that joins the North Sea to the Baltic.