Biography of José Carmona y Luque (1825-1881)

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Seville on March 20, 1825, and died in his hometown on August 12, 1881.

The largest of the Carmona brothers soon abandoned his first occupation in the bakery of his family and enrolled at eighteen as a banderillero in Juan León (the bull banner of the Liberals) gang. The process of learning beside as brave diestro soon gave the expected results, since, in 1846, the large round José, "Chiclanero", fixed in José Carmona and included it in his gang. José, who soon stepped on the arenas as a half sword master "Chiclanero", so skillful was what allowed him to succeed in the Andalusian minor squares and, after a short time, take the alternative in Seville, on August 15, 1847.

After a few years of local bullfighting by its southern land, his reputation as a sober torero, serene and aplomado, reinforced by their condition of good estoqueador, allowed him to confirm the alternative in Madrid, on June 2, 1850, against the bulls of the iron don Jerónimo Núñez de Prado. This confirmation of his Ph.d. came to him from the hands of Juan Pastor, in the presence of Antonio Luque, "Camera" witness. The figure of José Carmona began to pale before the brilliant career of his brother Antonio, "Chubby", who alternated his bullfighting training on gangs and José Manuel (the other brother Carmona who took the alternative). Antonio, torero much more complete and powerful than José (though of less relief than Antonio Sánchez, "El Tato", and Rafael Molina, "Lagartijo", which, to his misfortune, he insisted in competing) was slowly moving of the arenas to his two brothers. And so, José Carmona, after his strident two wins separated by one too long period (one in Seville, in 1851, and another in Madrid, in 1857), entered into a notorious phase of decadence, which he cut in 1863, when he finally abandoned the arenas.

Retired to his Seville home, died, victim of a cerebral haemorrhage, on August 12, 1881.