Biography of Nydia Caro (1945-VVVV)

Singer and actress of Puerto Rican descent, born in New York on June 7, 1945, famous for being the first artist from Puerto Rico to win the OTI Festival.

Daughter of emigrants from Rincon, attended classes at the school of Arts, performing in New York, where in addition to singer, acquired a solid background as an actress and dancer. After debuting on television with a series for NBC, in 1967 began his musical career with the album tell me you, produced by the firm Tico, followed the next year a production together with the pianist Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz vocalist. At the end of the 1960s he/she moved to Puerto Rico, where he/she combined musical recordings with performances on television; He/She stressed in the soap opera, shadows of the past, which had as a partner to Rolando Barral. In 1970 won the Bogotá Festival with the song brother am cold; During this time the trajectory of Nydia was immersed in the movement of the new Puerto Rican wave, under cover of which reaped successes as count, Charly or flakes of snow.

In 1973 he/she won third place in the prestigious Festival of the song of Benidorm (Spain) thanks to the theme go already, JulioIglesias, and the following year reaped the greatest success in his professional career conquered the first place in the Festival OTI with the theme today singing by singing, composed herself and Riccardo Cerratto. This triumph, although not without controversy because the protest message of the song, gave him the possibility of being known internationally, and opened the doors of venues such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center of his hometown. In parallel with the musical aspect, it strengthened its presence on the screens of television with its own space shows, El Show de Nydia Caro, a program through which passed the likes of Julio Iglesias, Raúl Julia or Rocío Jurado, among others, and continued to appear in soap operas, among which had special resonance strings of love, starring alongside Daniel Lugo.

With a top score of works discography, in 1998 returned to the market with love light, an innovative album in which produced by the Venezuelan Joakin Bello, pioneer of the new Latin American age, introduced experimental sounds of this genre to put music to the lyrics of the 16th century Spanish Mystic poets: the result was highly praised by critics and that the Puerto Rican national foundation for Popular culture was in its list of the twenty best albums of 1999. In 2000 it went on the market at the time, a compilation with his 16 more known songs, among which there could not be, or tell him; This same year he/she joined the cast of actors in the American film under suspicion.