Biography of Luis Carrillo y Sotomayor (ca. 1582/1585-1611)

Poet, sailor, Commander of galleys, Knight of Santiago, Commander, Commandant of the galleys of Spain and captain general of the coast of Andalusia, was born in Baena, 1582 / 1585 and died in el Puerto de Santa María in 1611. His poetic work, edited by his brother posthumously (1611) with the title of works, has tended to characterize as a precursor of Góngora's poetry, despite recent critical discrepancy. Includes romance sailors, fishing eclogues, sonnets, songs and the story of Acis and Galatea, built around the theme of water and the sea. Next to these, his works include translations of the Remedios de Amor of Ovid and the brevity of the life of Seneca. He is also author of a book of poetic erudition, included in the works, where he defends a mandatory theoretical of Aristotelian basis, based on the ideas of a cultured and minority language although away from the darkness. This joins the polemics about the beginning of the 17TH century culteranismo. Critics have also pointed out the decisive influence of Quintilian in his poetic theorizing. It has also indicated the possible influence of poetic Cascales in the book tables, so it refers to the defense of the theory of three genders (chapters 79-80).

luis Carrillo and Sotomayor, "love sentences, immortal" (sonnet).


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