Biography of Maria Judite de Carvalho (1921-1998)

Natural, Portuguese writer of Lisbon where he was born in 1921 and died there in 1998, is one of the most solid values of the narrative of the second half of the century in his country. He opted for the story, genre in which drew heartfelt pages about human loneliness, mainly that of the inhabitants of the city. Carvalho complained, not without scepticism, the isolation and frustration live the bourgeoisie of these cities without a soul.

So many people, Mariana (1959), As Palavras Poupadas (1960), Paisagem sem boats (1963), Os Vazios cabinets (1966), Além do Quadro (1983) and mushroom farewell (award of the International Association of literary critics, in 1995).

A Janela mock (1975) and O Homem no Arame (1970) compiled their journalistic Chronicles, and other his articles were collected in this Tempo (1991).