Biography of John Carver (1576-1621)

English merchant born in 1576 (it is unknown if Nottingham or in Derbyshire) and died April 15, 1621 in Plymouth (Massachusetts).

Carver was a prosperous businessman when members of the separatist sect decided to emigrate to North America, so it left England and emigrated to Leiden (Netherlands), because of religious persecution against the Puritans. In 1617 he/she became the representative of the "pilgrims" (pillgrims). After obtaining the patents and the financial support necessary to found a colony in North America, it chartered the legendary Mayflower, which departed with 101 other colonists from Plymouth (England) in September 1620. He/She signed the Mayflower Pact of November 11, 1620, and on the same day was elected Governor for a period of one year.

It is very likely that the definitive settlement of Plymouth in American territory was his decision. In terms of his tenure as Governor, his greatest achievement was the establishment of a partnership between the Indian Chief Massasoit of the wampanoag and James I of England tribe in 1621. He/She died shortly after having been re-elected Governor.