Biography of Xavier Casals i Meseguer (1963-VVVV)

Writer and Spanish historian, born in Barcelona in 1963. After completing advanced studies in geography and history, earned a doctorate in this last matter with a thesis on nazi-fascistas movements and their presence and impact on society current Spanish. In this work, which was printed in 1995, under the title of neo-Nazis in Spain. Of the Wagnerian hearings to skinheads, dared to present the trajectory of these groupings, as well as the ideological evolution who have followed different ramifications. For this work, Xavier Casals Meseguer i deserved a special mention Award "Ciutat de Barcelona" in history; In addition, was awarded the prize of political science and sociology "Ferran Cuito and channel", awarded by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

From 1994 he/she began working as editor-in-Chief of L' Avenç, a Catalan journal devoted to the study of history, in which the own Casals has published several documented studies on the Spanish extreme right of recent times. Also, this Barcelona historian has given to printing the book titled fascism, has collaborated in several collective works and has sent their articles to the major national newspapers.

His last work, published in Barcelona in 1998, is the volume entitled the neo-fascist temptation in Spain, a work that is difficult to analyse the complex phenomenon of his title without falling into fanaticism of opposite or starting from both ideological judging it. He/She pointed out two features which, in his view, are crucial to characterize the Spanish extreme right: their inability to circumvent violent arguments, and their greater inability - if possible - to separate his political action of the religious universe that surrounds it. In the opinion of Casals i Meseguer, these two traits are decisive in explaining why the trajectory of Spanish Fascism has not experienced the evolution that has followed in other European countries.

Currently, Xavier Casals combines his research work with their dedication to teaching, activity that exercises at the University of Barcelona "Ramon Llull".