Biography of Francisco Cascales Pagán (1564-1642)

Scholar and Spanish writer born in Fortuna (Murcia) in 1564 and died in Murcia in 1642. He was a student at the University of Granada and Valencia, and perhaps in some other European universities. He participated as a soldier in Flanders. He became Professor of grammar in Cartagena and Murcia. His works include the prologue contained in the garden of Polo de Medina academies; the speech of the city of Cartagena (1598); historical speeches of the very noble and very loyal city of Murcia and his Kingdom (1621); the epistle Horati Flacci of art poetry in methodum writes (1636) and the Florilegium artis versificatoriae (1640). Next to it he wrote many poetic compositions in Spanish and latin. His two greatest works are the philological cards (Murcia, 1634), work of miscellaneous type where combine biographical News (which most of the information about his life has been obtained) and mandatory poetics and rhetoric; and the poetic tables (Murcia, 1617). The latter, written by way of dialogue, is a poetic treatise, based on works by Robortello, Minturno and Torquato Tasso, as well as in some prescriptive works earlier Spaniards, as the ancient poetic the Pinciano Philosophia. It stands out for its systematic and exhaustive character. It was praised by poets such as Lope de Vega and Carrillo y Sotomayor and humanists such as José de Pellicer and Tamayo Vargas. Among the ideas defended in this last text, which for the most part have an Italian origin, include the formulation of a theory of the concept and the division of the three genres. Next to it, the work, permeated of Aristotelianism, abounds in the exploration of the concept of wit, of horaciana descent.

See Lope de Vega ; Carrillo and Sotomayor, Luis de ; Pellicer, José ; Vargas, Tamayo's.


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