Biography of Yolanda Castaño Pereira (1977-VVVV)

Poet and Spanish literary critic, born in Santiago de Compostela (La Coruña) in 1977. Author of a brief but intense poetic production that stands out for its expressive force and its intimate depth, is considered to be one of the most important voices of the last poetry in Galician language written by women.

His early inclination toward knowledge of the humanities and cultivation of literary, patent creating it from her school stage, prompted it to navigate to the Galician capital for there the course of University orientation and, subsequently, higher studies in Hispanic Philology at the University of La Coruña. Since his adolescence was known in forums and literary Cenacle gallegos by a number of local awards he/she won with his first poetic, as the prize compositions "Antonio García Hermida" (of the municipality of Villalba), "93 Atlantis" award, the prize "Manuel Masdías" (from La Coruña) and I Prize Francisco Fernández del Riego (awarded the II certamen Xuventude 94). But remarkably precocious literary capacity first recognition came in 1994, when he/she was only seventeen years of age, as a result of obtaining the prestigious award "Fermin Bouza King", which in its third call - in this year - went to the poems of Yolanda Castaño entitled to raise as eyecare (La Coruña: Espiral Maior, 1995).

Three years later, already relevant palmares of awards garnered by the writer Santiago de Compostela was increased with another important award, the prize for poetry "Johán Carballeira" II, which in its 1997 edition came to recognize the merits of live not cycle das Erofonias (La Coruña: Espiral Maior, 1998), the second poetic delivery of Yolanda Castaño. This collection of poems came to confirm good expectations created by its first volume of verses, and definitely devoted to the writer of Galician as one of the most original and promising last poetry written in the vernacular language; so much so, that in 1999 it fell upon him the "prize of the 1998 critics' - with what obtained the imprimatur not only readers, but of the best specialists in the study of contemporary Galician literature-, and was later reissued in a bilingual version (Galician/Spanish), with what the lyric voice of Yolanda Castaño began to go beyond the borders of his native land to get to all the Spanish libraries.

The two titles mentioned in previous paragraphs should be added in the third collection of verses of the Santiago de Compostela author, delights (La Coruña: Espiral Maior, 1998), published the same year that saw the light its successful poems live not cycle das Erofonias. In addition, Yolanda Castaño has published many of his compositions in different newspapers and cultural magazines as Festa da Word silenciada, Dorna, A xanela, key Orión, La Flama mirror, chimera, or mail Galego, A nosa terra, Olisbos, ellipse, Enclave and the world, and some of these media has exerted also work of literary criticism. The rest of his printed poems have appeared in the pages of some collective volumes as the graduates Daquelas singing... Rosalia na word of eleven poets galegas (1997) - edited by Rosalía de Castro Foundation, and enriched by a CD in which are recorded the voices of the authors who have collaborated in this work-, woman to do vento (1998) and Algueña agarda that volva ali (1998).

Member of the management team of the Association of writers in Lingua Galega (AELG) and editor of lime lyrics - a hallmark of new stamp dedicated to exposing new young values-works, Yolanda Castaño has participated in many poetry readings and organized - in collaboration with Emma Couceiro - two "cycles of Recitais poetry of Philology", concluded between 1996 and 1998 ". In addition, he/she directs - together with Olga Novo - Arts Valdeleite magazine, defined by their own promoters as "an alternative and intergeneric project with a universalist will and integrating a diversity of proposals".