Biography of Renato Castellani (1913-1985)

Italian film director, born in Liguria in 1913 and died on December 28, 1985, studied architecture before deciding to write screenplays. He/She also worked in film magazines and wrote radio scripts. From his first films in 1942, the shot (a throw in reserve) and Zaza, was assigned to the Group of young filmmakers who fled from the style of filmmaking after the war, serving with particular care to the ambience, the direction and detail in his films. He/She entered full realism with my son Professor in 1946. With this and the two following films, under the Sun of Rome, 1948, and E spring, 1950, appeared what would later be called Cinema verite: the typical style of neorealism, with more descriptive than narrative films. His most important works are Romeo and Juliet (1954), if your're (1956), hell in the city (1959), three nights of love or a summer with you (1969).


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