Biography of fray Agustín de Castro (¿-1820)

Friar jeronimo and Spanish writer, died in September of 1820. Data place and date of birth, as well as the place where he died is unknown.

Monk of the Escorial, probably author of critico-burlesca letter addressed to F.A. C. to a RR, which demonstrates prodigious science illuminated journalists of Cadiz and Madrid, and large miracles that have acted with their fine and Liberals feathers, reviewed in the supplement's Editor, on November 26, 1812. Main editor of the Gazette of the province of la Mancha (Ciudad Real, 1813) and Atalaya de la Mancha in Madrid (Madrid, 1813-1815), with Sevillian reissue, at least in 1814.

Denounced by José Mor de Fuentes by the number 7 of the Watchtower, the Madrid Board of censorship ordered the kidnapping of that number, described as libelous and slanderous. Castro replied by publishing the opinion of censoria Board of this capital of Madrid on the number seventh of the Atalaya de la Mancha, delatado D. Josef Mor de Fuentes, and reply of the author to censorship (Madrid, IMP of D. Francisco of the part, 1813), dated August 23. He was detained, without further consequences, although it does not seem to be necessary because of this case.On November 30, 1813 he visited you the count of Noblejas, accompanied by the priests of San Sebastián and San Lorenzo, and Juan José de Moreda, to ask the charity of some wealthy in favor of general Hospital. On this occasion it is said that it is not indifferent to the plight of his fellow men, whatever their opinions.

In the issue of the watchtower of May 12, 1814 he published the list of the prisoners Liberals, and did the blind pregonasen it as list of traitors. Thus managed a pension ecclesiastical 10,000 reais, a good fare is said in cry of the Justice against the wrongs of the watchtower of 24 March 1815, pamphlet attributed to fray José de el Salvador.

Honorary of the Inquisition, absent Minister between 1817 and 1820. Burial at el Escorial monastery was given on September 26, 1820.


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A Gil Novales