Biography of Queen of Navarra Catalina de Foix (1470-1517)

Queen of Navarre born in 1470 and died in 1517. He/She was the daughter of Gastón de Foix, Prince of Viana, and Magdalena of France. As sister of Francisco I, was his successor in 1483. Despite the opposition that found by Juan, Viscount of Narbonne, in 1484, married Juan de Albret, son of Alano, who brought in dowry the County of Foix. Both were crowned as Kings in 1494.

Their States were invaded by Fernando the Catholic, King of Spain, who came upon them in 1512 with the pretext of Provence with his troops. The theft was sanctioned by a bull of Pope Julio II. Catherine died in 1517 and his son Enrique II succeeded him upon his death.