Biography of Guido de Cauliac (1300-?)

French physician, born in Cauhaco (Auvergne) in 1300. The long and fruitful period of time spent studying passed it between Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris and Bologna. Subsequently, he/she served as surgeon in Lyon, for some later enter papal service in Avignon. Cauliac did not study and experiment in search of new knowledge. Fruit of this research work are his important works - transcendental in its epoch and centuries - Chirurgia magna and parva Chirurgia. For its enormous historical interest stands out the description of the black, written after the epidemic that ravaged the continent in 1348. His lectures on the narcotic inhalation applied during painful operations are also interesting. Other titles that were widespread along several centuries, and which were numerous editions in many languages, are: De curatione and Liber de gradibus medecinarum rupturarum. Erudite and versed man in other sciences, to his pen is also a treatise of astronomy.