Biography of John Chambers (1923-2001)

Makeup artist American, born in Chicago in 1923 and died on August 25, 2001 in California, which specialized in the use of cinematographic enhancements latex foam.

It was sculptor in works for advertising and designer of prosthesis during the second world war. His film career began with the last of the list, John Huston, film for which he had to design up to ten different characterizations for the actor Kirk Douglas. However, this makeup artist has gone to the history of cinema through their progress in a very crowded field in the adventure genre: the makeup of apes. Production for which had to develop these procedures is the planet of the apes, Franklin J. Schaffner, where the large number of actors that should characterize forced to design a play of light, mostly modeled prosthesis in latex and foam. His splendid work for this film was decisive for the Academy create in 1981 the Oscar to the best makeup.

Also highlights his work in the film the explosive naive (1965) and in the television series the family Münster and Star Trek, where he designed the famous ears in tip of Mr Spock. After their unforgettable effects of makeup for shark, Steven Spielberg, he abandoned his career when a new generation of specialists took him over in the mid-1970s.

Very influential in the work of artists such as Rick Bakermakeup, John Chambers is well known in their professional environment as one of most innovative and avant-garde American sixties cinema technicians and seventy.


1963: The last one in the list. 1968: The planet of the apes. 1969: Value of law. 1970: Return to the planet of the apes. 1971: Satan, mon amour. 1972: Slaughterhouse-five. 1973: Death Ssssilbido. 1974: The Phantom of the paradise. 1975: Shark. 1977: The island of doctor Moreau.


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