Biography of José o "Chato de la Isla" Llerena Ramos (1926-2006)

Spanish singer born in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 1926 and died in Fuenlabrada, Spain on August 5, 2006. He began his professional career as still a child, when eight years old he already sang in trams in Exchange for coins that travelers gave. Then he worked in the cabarets of Cadiz and the famous sale of Vargas for twenty years, until in 1961 he moved to Madrid.

His career in the capital passed Tablao in tablao, as singer companion to the dance, and also at parties and private meetings, in which recognizes sing more at ease than in the scenarios. He worked for many years in the tablao Los Canasteros, Manolo Caracol, who confesses faithful admirer and whose influence is left feeling in her singing.

Convinced that I was born with a gift for singing, he believed in the Goblin and the inspiration of the moment and said that singing is "like a vomit" that arises suddenly, at the most unexpected moments.