Biography of Yves Chauvin (1930-VVVV)

French chemist born in 1930. He/She is Honorary research director at the French Institute of petroleum in Ruel-Malmaison, near Paris. Premio Nobel in 2005 by the discovery of chemical reactions called metathesis, award shared with Americans Richard Schrockand Robert GrubbQuĂ­mica is.

Chauvin, in the 1970's, discovered that organic molecules could form part of a set of reactions that defined as "comparable to a dance group in which couples exchange". These metathesis reactions have a great importance in organic chemistry, as they have allowed chemical and biotechnological industry to synthesize substances very efficiently and with few toxic waste. The main elements synthesized by means of such reactions include some types of strong plastics and various types of drugs.

These advances also represented a breakthrough for so-called "Green Chemistry", by considerably reducing the pollution of the environment.