Biography of Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernichevsky (1828 -1889)

Writer, literary critic, and Russian political leader, born in Saratov. Son of a priest, studied in Petersburgo. He/She started his career in the lyrics as literary critic for the newspaper extremist Sovremennik (the contemporary), monthly publication of great influence. It was a prominent member of the branch more extremist of the Russian reform movement, in whose ranks defended political and economic reforms in Russia. In 1862 the authorities of the country arrested him, annoying because of his growing popularity, so it was imprisoned in Petersburgo. Accused of plotting against the State, was sentenced in 1864 to twenty years hard labour in Siberia, where he/she was deported, staying there until he/she returned to Saratov in 1883. During the period spent in jail wrote his most famous work, what to do? (1863), where he/she exhibited his thinking as a revolutionary man, and reflects on the ways of a true revolutionary; the work, considered a classic in the Soviet Union, exerted great influence on the Revolutionary Youth. Works of Chernichevski as a literary critic is the title study of the Gogoliano period of Russian literature.