Biography of Chrétien de Troyes (1160-1190)

French writer, active between 1160 and 1190. Of his life we know little: his work know that he was originally from the Champagne, that almost all of his literary activity developed in the County Court of Troyes. Apparently, it was in the service of Felipe of Alsace, count of Flanders, to whom he dedicated Perceval. Charges occupied only there are guesses, what no doubt is that possessed a great culture; He should study trivium and quadrivium. The works that we are sure to be the author, include a couple of songs and five chivalrous novels of breton theme: Erec and Enide; Cligès, Lanzarote or the Knight of the cart; Ivan or the Knight of the lion; and Perceval or the story of the Grail; the order of this list corresponds to the chronology of the texts. Both the Percival and Lancelot were not finished by Chrétien; the first completed Geoffroy de Lagny and the second different authors. We must also say that the prologue to the Cligès reminds previous works as Ars is amandi, of Ovid, which are three narrative compositions, and the metamorphosis of the hoopoe, barn swallow and the Nightingale, about the myth of Tereo, Prognis and Filomena. Of these works only us has reached the last, while Guillaume d'Angleterre novel, criticism does not agree to recognize its authenticity. Some critics talk about if the author's novels are novels of thesis or psychological, but these definitions are not in accordance with reality; psychology is just a sentimental dimension and the thesis, intellectual landmarks of human fantasy, developed through the fantasy of the breton theme.