Biography of King of Media Ciaxares (653-585 a.C.)

(Huwkhshtra or U-ak-sa-tar or Ma-ak-ish-tar-ra or Khsthrita or Cyaxares) King of Media, son and successor of Phraortes and grandson of Deioces. To Cyaxares was the reform of the army and the new military tactics of the Medes (Spearmen, archers, Knights). According to the Babylonian Chronicle and the references of Herodotus, known deeds of arms, which produced her enormous wealth and the expansion of their territories. At the beginning of his reign, however, for almost thirty years, found himself under the dependence of the Scythians and had to pay tribute to their Chief Madyes until he/she could delete it violently. 614 BC was launched on the Caspian, and from there went to Tarbisu and Assur, enclaves that looted and destroyed. The same did with Nineveh and then, in 610 BC, defeated the ancient Assyrian king Ashur-uballit II in Kharran. He/She then made a Treaty of friendship with the Babylonian Nabopolassar, who sealed with the marriage of her granddaughter Amytis with Nabucodonosor II, son of Nabopolassar. Then, in 590 BC, he/she sacked Tushpa, the capital of Urartu, and thence moved towards Asia minor to fight the Lydians along with Astyages, son and Prince, who would inherit the Crown on the death of the mede King for five years.