Biography of José Cienfuegos Jovellanos (1768-1825)

Military and Spanish politician born in Gijón in 1768 and died, apparently, in Madrid, in April 1825.

Born of a noble and ancient Asturian family, it was his mother sister of Gaspar de Jovellanos. He joined as artillery Cadet in October 1777, rising to second lieutenant on September 28, 1780. With this degree, she participated in the site of Gibraltar, and in 1783 he was promoted to Lieutenant. In 1793 was appointed to the army that invaded the French Republic by the part of the Roussillon, was then promoted to captain, and two years later to Lieutenant Colonel.After the peace of Basel he served in different departments; and it was Colonel in may 1808, launched the battle cry against the French from Oviedo. The Provincial Board formed there, rose you to the grade of lieutenant general of the army, giving control of weapons, and the Presidency of the Board of war, in May of 1810.En 1811 he was appointed director of the Department of artillery of Galicia; and in 1812, commanding general of the 5th Army artillery. With the same position he moved to the third army, which carried out the decisive campaign of 1813. After the peace he was assigned a seat in the Council of war.

In April 1816 received the appointment of captain general of the island of Cuba, and with the mission to propose a new system for the military defence of the Gran Antilla, auxiliary operations of the expeditionary army of Morillo on the Mainland from Havana, and preserve the squares of the two Floridas, threatened by the United States.

Its collaboration with the intendant Alejandro Ramírez were born a number of multiple reforms that in Cuba were carried out under his rule, leaving evidence of this in the name of a city that perpetuates his memory. He was relieved at his own request on August 29, 1819, arriving in Spain at the same time a new political regime was born. It was during a few weeks of 1822 - and reluctantly - Minister de Guerra of the triennium. Falling the constitutional system re-entered the war Council, and became a member of several boards and director general of artillery.


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